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Biography of Lorcan White
Lorcan White / Mark Kannemeyer studied at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, Germany, majoring in Painting and obtaining a Meisterschüler degree, cum laude (1992). He worked as a gallery technician at the Berlinische Gallerie, Berlin and the Lisson Gallery, London before returning to South Africa in 1997. While living in Berlin, he took part in numerous group exhibitions in Germany. He has held various part time teaching positions at tertiary institutions in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, lecturing in illustration, printmaking and drawing. He is currently teaching at the Open Window School of Design, Pretoria and at the Tshwane University of Technology. He also works as a freelance illustrator for various commercial publications, and does selected website design. Since 1993 he has contributed regularly to various alternative publications, such as Bitterkomix and i-Jusi and his work is included in Comix 2000 (L’Association, Paris, France). In 2008 he published the first edition of his own comic book, Zombie. Since 1997 his work has been included in numerous group exhibitions throughout South Africa, as well as Europe.

1:  Heino
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 002829
2:  Brand
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 002830
3:  Virunga
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 002832
4:  Bitterbere
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 007204
5:  Untitled (landscape 02)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 007206
6:  Untitled (landscape 08)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 007214
7:  Untitled (landscape 11)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 007217
8:  Untitled (LW 2011 018)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009013
9:  Untitled (LW 2011 020)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009022
10:  Untitled (LW 2011 022)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009024
11:  Untitled (LW 2011 023)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009025
12:  Untitled (LW 2011 027)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009029
13:  Untilted (LW 2011 032)
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009044
14:  Zombie
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009057
15:  Age
Lorcan White
Ref ID: 009058

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